The Simpsons Invade E3, er, E4

They'll never stop The Simpsons... not even at the gates of the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Move over Candy Convention and Bi-Mon Sci-Fi Con, the latest Simpsons episode has spoofed gaming’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. The show’s latest episode opens with Homer taking the kids to E4, the Expensive Electronic Entertainment Expo. Fox’s absurdly long-running (This was the 492nd episode.) cartoon satired the annual trade show with playful Simpons-ified industry jabs like World of Krustcraft, Assassin’s Creed: Summer of Love, Grand Theft Scratchy: Itchy City Stories, and Human Centipede – which, unsurprisingly, seemed to be attracting only a couple weirdos to its booth.

Bart got some hands-on time in with Guts of War II: Human Entrails (rating pending) and Lisa took Marching Band for a spin. And you thought it was bad when they used to let Game Advisors into the show.

[Source: Game Set Watch]

[Images via 1UP and Game Set Watch.]

Nick Santangelo
Nick Santangelo
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