Epic to Unveil ‘Entirely Fresh and New Experience’ at VGAs

Cliff Bleszinski shares a few words about Epic's next internal project.

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Epic Games and Spike TV are partnering up to reveal the publisher’s next big thing according to a new video starring famed game designer and company mascot, Cliff Bleszinski. There’s no actual footage of what Bleszinski refers to as a “fresh and new experience” in today’s video – you’ll have to hold out until the December 10th VGAs on Spike TV for that. The outspoken designer does reveal that the mystery game is being worked on internally by Epic at their North Carolina HQ, though.

Over the past few years the award show has become a popular venue for major publishers to offer first looks at upcoming blockbusters. This year’s show will also feature a new PS3 exclusive, the next Alan Wake game and a new BioWare IP.

[Video via Spke TV.]

[Image via Industry Gamers.]

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