Fridays in the Key of Geek: The Dragonborn Comes

Better than the original by far.

If you haven’t heard the cover of “The Dragonborn Comes”, a bard song sung in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by NPCs, then perhaps you should give it a listen.  This video has been circling news outlets ever since it released at the end of November on Youtube by user Malufenix.  Not only did we think it was awesome because the voice work done is esquisite, but the singer speaks the tongue of the dragonborn at the end.  It is an expansion of a song she sang that was basically sans lyrics earlier that month.  Give it a listen, if you haven’t already (or maybe once more).

There used to be an embeded media player here, but it doesn't work anymore. We blame the Tumbeasts.


[Source: Youtube]

Jessica Weimar
Jessica Weimar
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