Sony Apologizes for Issues with Japanese Launch Vitas

A software update has already gone live to patch some of the problems up.

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While North American and European gamers still have a long wait ahead of them before the PS Vita launches in their territories on February 22nd, Japanese gamers spent the weekend lining up for and then playing the handheld – which launched on the 17th in Sony’s home country. However, as seen in the video above, many gamers across the Pacific ran into some technical snafus when they fired up their shiny new portables.

Almost every console ever has suffered from hardware and/or software problems of some sort (see: Xbox 360), and the Vita’s was apparently no different. As Engadget points out, though, trouble for Sony’s new dual touchscreen device started as a trickle before rapidly escalating to a roaring torrent of Twitter complaints. The problems that have most commonly afflicted buyers seem to be system freezes, unresponsive touchscreens, and some software bugs.

It’s impossible to decipher just how widespread the problems are at this early stage, but they backlash was severe enough that Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. moved quickly to address them. The manufacturer’s solution? A public apology, instructions on how to fix certain issues, and a software update. Trouble is, some units are freezing up on individuals while updates are being applied and are refusing to power down.

Again, this is the reality of purchasing new hardware on day one. Most of us know the risks, but many of our ranks are still willing to put up with them since we just have to have the new toy before everyone else on the block. Yet living in the Western World and having to wait an extra couple of months for the Vita doesn’t seem like such a raw deal in light of these problems. Hopefully Sony gets most of the kinks banged out by the time their next-gen system comes to our shores.

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