Next World of Keflings DLC to Be Decided by Fans

A chance to choose the new Keflings theme, and be a cartoon.

World of Keflings

Developer NinjaBee has teamed up with the official blog for Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade to allow fans to help decide what the new downloadable content (DLC) for it’s city building game, A World of Keflings, will be.  Fans will be able to choose between three very different themes.  The winning theme will be transformed into a new kingdom for the game and will be released as DLC.  The new kingdom will include a new environment, characters, resources, and more.  Willing participants can go the site hosting the voting and vote once a day.

Every vote per day will also be a entry into a related contest to be turned into a character that will appear in the game.  The three different themes will be Candy, Graveyard, and Pirate.  Candy will be similar to a Candyland of sorts, with gingerbread Keflings and wizards.  Graveyard will feature skeleton and ghoul Keflings as well as a creepy atmosphere.  Finally, Pirate will allow players to live among notorious Kefling pirate folk.

Along with the ability to help decide the theme of the new DLC and winning a chance to become a cartoony version of yourself, several other select voters will earn smaller prizes such as Kefling t-shirts, Kefling plushies, and NinjaBee game codes.  Voting began on Monday, January 16th via and will close at 12 a.m. on Friday January 20th (PST).  The winning theme will be announced on Monday, January 23rd via the same website.


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Jessica Weimar
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