The ‘T’ In Jagged Alliance Stands For Tactical

The T is silent.

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A new gameplay video of Jagged Alliance: Back in Action has emerged and shows off the new “Plan & Go” system.  With “Plan & Go” you’ll be able to pause the action, analyze the situation, and plan your movement and attacks accordingly.  Nothing we haven’t seen before, but enemies appear to be pretty aware of their surroundings; reacting to noises, running from grenades, and realizing that their buddies just took the big sleep.  This video is just to display the tactical system, so things appear a bit easy.  Hopefully the A.I. is kicked up a notch in the real game because I think it could lead to some interesting tactical situations.  Did I mention that one of the guys’ name is Nails?  What else do you really need to know?


Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding

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