Alan Wake’s American Nightmare Presents a Teaser Featuring Mr. Scratch

Mr. Scratch wants you to know that he's a psycho.

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Remedy has been releasing regular videos for their upcoming Xbox Live Arcade title Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. The first dev diary is interesting, but even more tantalizing when the focus is put on the action happening in the background. These actions continue in the second dev diary as well. Today, you will now be able to put together those pieces and see firsthand how friggin’ crazy Mr. Scratch is in this live action tease. Mr. Wake may not be able to write himself out of this one, but maybe he could borrow some of those dance moves and loosen up.

Join us for a little one on one time with game’s villain, Mr. Scratch. He’s your typical fun loving serial killer that enjoys knives, strangling people and a little piece and quiet. Ok, maybe he’s not so typical, just a little deranged. Regardless, take a look and get to know him, you’ll find him strangely alluring. With Alan Wake’s dashing good looks, this evil doppelganger may look like the famous writer, but he couldn’t be more different than our hero. Making his way to Wake’s wife, this harbinger of darkness intends to put a damper on things and make life miserable for Alan Wake.

Katie Horstman
Katie Horstman
Katie Horstman

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Katie has always had a connection to games and was able to make Super Mario Bros. a motion game before Nintendo even thought of the Wii. She has a serious addiction; an illness if you may, of loving ridiculous games. She has been through an extensive digital rehabilitation, but we fear her addiction is surfacing again.

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