Simcity 5 Screenshots Leaked

More city building and destroying is on it's way???

GameStar (a German magazine) has revealed that EA and Maxis are planning to officially announce SimCity 5 at GDG 2012.  Let’s hope so, because my current copy of SimCity 4 is not satisfying my love of destroying civilization.  The screenshots leaked via GameStar were released on the NeoGAF forums (albeit poorly translated).  The images released are pretty gorgeous, and it seems that there is a lot more to look at in this proposed edition.

Some info about the game was also released; such as how the citizen AI reacts and whatnot.  Apparently raising taxes and allowing commercial areas to collapse will hint at civilian protests.  Hopefully that means actual protests, because in the current games there is already a little bit of anger when you try and cheat your city.  The official announcement for this game will hopefully by at GDG 2012, but the actual release date may be a way off.


[Source: Game Rant]

[Image via Game Rant]

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