Ubisoft Warns Users of Downtime

Ubisoft is on the move.

Fans of Ubisoft multiplayer titles will be pleased to know that they will be migrating from a third-party data center to servers in a new facility. What they may find inconvenient is that some games will be unavailable while the transition is taking place.  On February 7th at 8PM EST, services for some PC and MAC based online play will down. Uplay will be completely down, however, they are posting progress updates on their Twitter account. They list all effected and unaffected games here.

Source: Ubisoft

Oryanna Corsey
Oryanna Corsey
Oryanna Corsey

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Oryanna is a longtime gamer who has enjoyed seeing gaming come up from it's infancy in Pong to the current state it is in today. She currently plays a few MMO's, but finds romantic evenings watching her husband play a good action RPG intriguing as a good movie.

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