Is BioWare’s Next Game a New Baldur’s Gate? We’ll Find Out in Less Than an Hour

The clock is ticking.

Even though there’s still plenty of Mass Effect 3 to be played (and re-played, and multi-played), the wheels of game development never stop turning. Possible case in point: a website for showed up at the end of February this year; at the time displaying nothing more than some music from the game and a quote from the seer Aluando (a prophet in the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons & Dragons). Today the page turned into a countdown timer, ticking down 15 hours on March 15th, 15 days after the website went up. The time it ends? 3:00pm, which is 15:00 military time. Hmmm….

So something is definitely coming, the only question is what. Some rumors are saying the countdown is not for a new game, but rather an HD remake or a ported version for tablets. The Escapist reported that some users have peeked around the Steam registry and found references to the game there. It’s not rock solid proof of a new game, but such findings have been proven correct before.

I myself did some searching, and found that there is a blank Baldur’s Gate game page on the BioWare website. This is sitting apart from its legacy games section, where the old Baldur’s Gate games are listed, so I’m convinced that we’re looking at the return of the classic series. With Dragon Age 2 dropping the ball recently there’s certainly room for a new fantasy RPG, and BioWare has to be doing something now that Mass Effect is more or less done. The pieces all fit.

We’ll find out soon.


[via Twitter friend Twyst]

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Robert Hill-Williams
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