Girl Fight: PAX East 2012 Preview

A girl fight, but without the hair pulling and shoe throwing.

What to say about Girl Fight, the obviously titled fighting game being published by Reverb Studios? Well, it’s definitely a game; I can tell you that. There is fighting, and there are girls. These girls are super smart agents and/or scientists that for some reason are battling it out in their minds for some cause. They have psionic abilities that they can use against their opponents and appear to de-rez when they die.

Let’s cut the crap: this is a game about two chicks fighting. Whatever kind of plot was thrown in to make it seem like it was a deep game is irrelevant. What scientist/secret agent fights a similarly positioned person in stripper clothes? The answer is none. In fact, I’m pretty sure even your average working citizens with average educations wouldn’t be out fighting one another in stripper garb.

So it tried to have a story; I can understand that. Is it any good? Well, the fighting mechanics could be better. There’s a button for kicking, punching, grabbing (not that kind of grabbing), and using your abilities. The reactions for these moves seem delayed, presumably to be sexier. What this equates to is frantic button mashing and frustration. The game gives you a grade at the end of a fight, and supposedly this grade takes button mashing into account.

The bottom line is that we really shouldn’t assume the game is this bad until it’s out, but I am going to go ahead and do that anyway. Trying to create a game with two chicks fighting is one thing, but trying to give it a plot? Yeah, because people play Dead of Alive: Beach Volleyball for the enthralling storyline. Plenty of games have been devoid of a plot but have still been a good game. Girl Fight would not be an example of that in its current form.


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