The Showdown Effect and War of Roses Hands-On at PAX East 2012 – Paradox Interactive Goes For Action

Bringing some excitement to PAX East.

Paradox Interactive has a couple of great games they showcased at PAX East this year.  PDX has made a name for itself because of its history of publishing strategy games such as Cities in Motion and King Arthur II.  This year they are stepping out of their strategy game box and going for some straightforward combat with The Showdown Effect and War of  the Roses.

The Showdown Effect is still in the early stages but I was able to sit down and play a bit with Therese Jansson, a CG artist with Arrowhead Game Studio, the developer who brought us Magicka.  In this game up to eight players pick from six different characters to face off and kill each other with guns and various melee weapons; the best two out of three matches win.  Players can find various weapons to switch between throughout the 2.5D maps, such as tommy guns or pool sticks.  There are also plans to add items like jet packs and grappling hooks to ease movement through levels.

Another key part of the game is going to be characters using one-liners, just like in the classic 80’s and 90’s action movies.  When used before killing another character players will get bonus points.  Currently there are two confirmed map locations: Tokyo and London.  The Showdown Effect is still in the works but is planned to be ready for Q4 of this year.  There are also already for DLC in the future to make more customized characters.


Then there is War of the Roses.  Fans of the medieval time period and shooters will like this game.  It’s a team-based multiplayer melee combat game.  Players get to play as one of two families of the time: the Lancasters and the Yorks.  You are able to attack in four directions; however, in order to do so you have to move the mouse in the direction you want your attack to go.

Up to 64 players will be allowed per map, which on launch there will be six of.  Players will also be able to customize their characters armour and choose from 60 different weapons, such as the longbow, battle axe, or broad sword. Weapons can be equipped two at a time; however, movement speed is directly affected by what weapons are equipped.  War of the Roses is planned to release late this fall and will be only available as a Steam download at first.

Cathy Rouleau
Cathy Rouleau
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