Transcripted Hands-On at PAX East 2012 – TopWare’s Upcoming Games

Looking like a good line-up.

Raven's Cry

At PAX East I met up with TopWare Interactive and got the low down on a couple of new games they are working on.  First is Raven’s Cry, which is not even in alpha yet.  In this game players are a pirate named Christopher Raven, who has a very dark past and is set on revenge.

Set in the Caribbean in the 17th century, all aspects of the game are historically accurate; from the building structures to clothing and weapons and even the drunken Spanish looking for a fight.  The combat is primarily with a sword, fist, and a hook.  During this time period guns were one shot deals, therefore they have a very limited use in game and are rare.

You will have different attachments for your hook hand that are functional, such as one that will let you climb a rope.  Voodoo charms will be another part of the game, but specifics haven’t been worked out yet.  Raven’s Cry has a pretty dark story.  When players are given choices, it won’t be black or white (good or bad), but more grey.  Christopher will stop at nothing to get his revenge.  Don’t think he is going to be all bad though.  He has his own honor system; kind of like Dexter.  We will have to wait until Q4 to see if he does get his revenge, though.


They are also working on bring Transcripted to PC this summer.  It combines a Zuma like puzzle game with a shoot’em up like Asteroids to create a pretty cool game.  If you’re not good at both of these styles of games don’t worry, because you will be able to change the focus of the play style to either the shooting or the puzzle.  The story concept is pretty interesting too.  You are a nanobot that is trying to clean up infected tissues while manipulating the cells DNA.  All the images of the tissue are real; they aren’t an artist rendering.  On launch there will be 40 levels, including boss fights, as well as upgrades and power ups.  I’m very much looking forward to this challenging game.


I also got a quick look at A-men, which is already out in Japan.  This game brings us back to the 90’s with a Lemmings style game for the PS Vita.  You have various types of soldiers to control while you navigate through levels which are full of obstacles.  When the game drops this summer the in the U.S. it will include the DLC that is coming out in Japan.  All in all, TopWare has some pretty awesome looking games coming out this year.

Cathy Rouleau
Cathy Rouleau
Cathy Rouleau

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