Bunny Must Die: Chelsea And The 7 Devils [Preview]

A game that you will be dying to play.

Bunny Must Die

Japan has released many quirky games in the past, and now there’s another. Bunny Must Die: Chelsea and the 7 Devils is an upcoming release being localized by Rockin’ Android for PC and consoles. The game is made by Platine Dispositif, better known as the creators of Gundemonium, which is a fast paced action shmup.

Bunny Must Die is a 2D action platformer that makes it easy to reminisce over old school games from your childhood.With Castlevania style gameplay, stages in the form of Metroid labyrinths, and Mega Man style boss battles there’s little that players won’t enjoy. The story is about our hero, Bunny, who is cursed by devils with cat ears from an explosion and ventures into the demon realm to break the curse. The levels of the game are connected in a labyrinth of puzzles and obstacles, which are quite challenging.

This demon fighting bunny is equipped with the power to stop time, making the game even more interesting. Once the player receives this ability they can use it when stuck in tight corners or to over come an obstacle by freezing everything in it’s place making things a little simpler. Bunny is also equipped with a sword that she can throw at enemies or breakable objects at any angle, and during a jump she can release a barrage of swords in every direction.

The game features a full English translation of the original game with a few extras, such as optional graphics tweaks and a choice between the original soundtrack or the new, remixed version. The original version is pretty good but the remix is way better; it keeps you enjoying every last bit. The controls given are very simple to grasp.

The visuals are smooth and very much like those of an anime, giving the players a very warm feeling as they scour the bowels of the devils’ dens. Even with no specific release date this is a game that I will definitely be looking forward to.

Robert Emerson
Robert Emerson
Robert Emerson


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