Guacamelee’s Debut Trailer Welcomes Juan Exclusively To PSN + PS Vita

Katie Horstman
Staff Writer
May 31st, 2012

Guacamelee!┬áis coming to a PlayStation platform near you. When that will be, exactly, DrinkBox Studios hasn’t said. They have confirmed that the title is being launched through PlayStation’s “Pub Fund” program. The “Pub Fund” program is 20 million dollars Sony is giving to independent devs to create awesomeness that will launch on the PlayStation Network. DrinkBox has said that along with the PlayStation exclusivity, “the game will take advantage of the special features offered by each of the platforms.” Details on these are to come later.

Excuse me, while I excitedly… wait impatiently.

Via: DrinkBox Studios
Source and Featured Image: PlayStation.Blog


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