Persona 3 Official Design Works to be Released in June

Welcome back to the Dark Hour with this amazing art book.


Persona 3: Official Design Works

Anyone who has played Persona 3 knows how amazing the art design in that game was. Shingenori Soejima’s art work in Persona 3 was so amazing that UDon entertainment and Diamond are releasing an amazing art book this June called Persona 3: Official Design Works. The book is packed full with sketches, production art,  story boards, character designs and a bunch more artwork. The book is packed with content that any Persona 3 fan would love to have.

The book will also feature a 8,000 word interview with Soejima that has been translated by the  Udon production team.  The book is also being made for the collectors in mind by having each page have a silver ink accent, and cover of the book has an image with a special pearlescent paper and foil stamping. This book will be released by Diamond on June 20th, but will be in bookstores on June 26th at the price $39.99. Check out our gallery below of some of the images from the book and sound off in the comments on what you think of this art book and all it has to offer the fans.

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