Red 5 Studios Launches Manga: Firefall Affinity

Her name is Pilgrim and this is her story.

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Today Red 5 Studios releases the first pages of their prequel to their upcoming open world sci-fi shooter, Firefall. Firefall Affinity is penned by Orson Scott Card and Emily Janice Card, with artwork provided by UDON Comics.

Firefall Affinity is a sci-fi journey through a bleak, apocalyptic vision of future Earth. As a prequel to Firefall the game, the manga begins just before the catastrophic “Arclight incident” unleashed the Melding upon the planet. Readers will follow a rebellious, seventeen-year-old “gifted” girl named Pilgrim, who’s struggling to come to terms with her growing power as she attempts to survive the most devastating event to ever hit humanity.

The manga will be released two pages per week, in Firefall fashion, for free. It will hit over 80 pages before the entire story is uncovered. Fans can follow the manga here:

Katie Horstman
Katie Horstman
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