The Deadlight Diaries: Part 2

Quick, you just got home from work and zombies are attacking! What are you going to do?!

Ever watch the original version of Day of the Dead that came out in 1985?  That movie, unlike a comedy film such as Shaun of the Dead, really showed how bleak life could be in a zombie pandemic.  Keeping that in mind I sat down to watch the latest video on the creation of Deadlight, a zombie survival title for the Xbox 360 that I’m really excited to play.  The developers spoke about how so many zombie games that feature soldiers, cops, or heroes and how Deadlight is nothing like it.  The whole story stems from the idea of what someone would do if the zombie apocalypse happened tomorrow?  What if someone you cared about was bitten?  Could you survive and, if so, how would you?  Developers really want you to experience the story and plight of this average survivor.

From what I played of this at PAX East, I’m very excited to see this game develop and simply cannot wait to get my hands on it.  Reading some of the diary pages I found whilst traversing the barren 1980’s landscape of Seattle, I found myself being drawn into the game since I love a game with a deep back story to it.  This is one game I will be jumping away from my PC to play on the 360 when it drops.

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Jason Bond
Jason Bond
Jason Bond

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