Natural Selection 2 Exosuit Reveal Trailer

Check out the new trailer for Natural Selection 2 featuring the Exosuit unit type.

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Have you ever wanted to take on a horde of dangerous creatures inside of a giant suit with two rail guns as arms? Yea, it’s a pretty specific fantasy, but the people over at Unknown Worlds Entertainment has you covered with its recent patch to the beta of  Natural Selection 2Natural Selection 2 has a new trailer out featuring its new unit type in this cross breed between a  strategy and first person shooter game. The trailer above shows how devastating the Exosuit can be to a number of the aliens trying to attack. In this patch they have also added a new map called the Veil that is a remake of a map from the original Natural Selection.

The recently patch to the beta also boasts some bug fixes, rebalancing, and performance improvements. Check the trailer out above and let us know what you think of the Exosuit. Natural Selection 2 can still be pre-ordered, and people can gain access to the beta as well as their eternal gratitude at Natural Selection 2’s official site.

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