The Walking Dead Episode 3 Released and Making a Pax Prime Appearance.

Mikey Kenney
Podcast Host
August 29th, 2012

The Walking Dead: Episode Three

The Walking Dead Episode 3: Long Road Ahead recently has been released on August 28th on the PSN, but the 360 and PC users will have to wait till the next day to get their hands on the next piece of the story. People with season passes should have access to the downloadable content as soon as its up, but people can still buy the episode by itself. Mash Those Buttons will have an overview of Long Road Ahead as soon as we get our hands on the game to give it a play through.

Not only did Tell Tale games announce that the Long Road Ahead is not available, but they also mentioned that they are going to have a big Pax Prime Appearance this year. They will be located at booth #3117 in the South Lobby of Pax Prime, and they will have some limited edition shirts available. Some of the Tell Tale Writers will also be there at the booth so people can meet the faces behind the scenes that helped write the story. They will also holding an event at the Unicorn theater at 6:30 on August 31st that they are calling Playing Dead Live.  So they have a lot going on, and if you are at or near Pax Prime definitely go check it out if your a fan of the series.



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