Chiptune Rush!

Boop boop bee boop...... O that's fresh

Mode 7 has added a new and welcomed addition to the internet: It’s an independent web store that provides the sweet sweet symphony of, you guessed it, chip music. For those of you who don’t know, chiptune is a form of music of music originally made using the sound chips of vintage computers and gaming consoles. Of course along with the times comes upgrades and now chiptune music is made using more modern means. A really popular program that’s used to make chiptune music is LSDJ (Little Sound DJ) using the original Gameboy.

Huge artists and some of my favorites would include Sabrepulse  known for his hit song “Famicin Connection” and aNova with his latest album “The Teaching Machine“. Part of the websites launch lineup is Mode 7’s own Paul Taylor aka Nervous_Test pilot, the soundtrack from the indie game Dust force, and much of Disaster piece’s game soundtrack catalog. Even if your not as familiar with chiptune as you would like to be, your in luck. Chiptune Rush is offering a free bundle when signing up for updates.

Chiptune is a form of music that is moving up the the music charts, becoming bigger with every day that passes. Right now not everybody knows about this magnificent genre, but believe me, as long as sites keep popping up as great as these, Chiptune is sure to work it’s way into the hearts of millions.

Robert Emerson
Robert Emerson
Robert Emerson


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