Prove Yourself to the Norse Gods in Jotun

Thunder Lotus Games invites you to prove yourself worth of Valhalla in Jotun.

Drawing inspiration from games like The Legend of Zelda, Journey, and Shadow of the Colossus, Jotun invites you to journey through Viking Purgatory in this 2D top-down exploration game.  You play as Thora, a warrior who has died and now has to prove herself worthy to the gods in order to move on to Valhalla.  Thunder Lotus Games is looking to combine the atmospheric exploration of Journey with fast-paced, challenging combat.  Players will need to explore the randomly generated world fighting enemies and solving puzzles to find runes that will allow them to summon Jotun — massive elemental enemies that will be your primary foes.

Towards the end of the video you see the scale of Thora versus one of the Jotun, and then you see where that Shadow of the Colossus influence went.  The Jotun aren’t just big in size, but they hit hard as well.  Players will want to avoid their attacks or risk loosing a big chunk of health.  Anyone with eyes can see that the game looks beautiful, and so far the animation is looking pretty slick.  Hopefully we will get to see some combat game play soon to get a better idea of what that’s going to be like.  With the Jotun being so huge and Thora being armed only with a huge axe, I can’t imagine those battles will be picnics.

After quitting his job at a free-to-play mobile studio earlier this year, Will Dube established Thunder Lotus Games to make indie titles that are true to his gaming roots.  Jotun is the studio’s first project,  and if you like what you see you can support Jotun on Kickstarter or  by giving it the thumbs up on Greenlight.


Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding

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