Invisible, Inc. Coming To Steam Early-Access August 19th

Klei Entertainment brings Invisible, Inc. to Steam Early-Access

Klei Entertainment (creators of Mark of the Ninja, Shank, and Shank 2) are bringing procedural turn-based stealth to Steam Early-Access with Invisible, Inc.  Players will control a group of elite spies that will need to use stealth and tactics to complete their mission.  Unlike Mark of the Ninja where the focus was a mixture between stealth and combat (mostly stealth though), it appears Invisible, Inc. will focus entirely on stealth.  The objective is to get in and out without anyone ever knowing you were there.

Players will infiltrate hideouts and other secure locations, hacking and getting past security systems, and manipulating guards along the way.  As you’re agents gain experience you will be able to upgrade them along the way.  You should also know that when an agent is dead, they are really dead.  Perma-death is a feature of game play, so think about your moves long and hard before making them.  Players who have already pre-ordered should have access to the alpha.  If you’ve already played Invisible, Inc., here is what you can look forward too with the Early-Access version:

Campaign Mission Map
Early-access will feature a more robust campaign mode and allow players to pick which missions to take on. Choose wisely. Each mission can provide unique benefits, or be your last.

Deeper Mainframe Experience
Infiltrate corporate networks by mastering your hacking abilities, augmentations and malicious programs.

Enhanced Stealth Gameplay
Sneak, steal, or hack to complete your mission. Early-access ads improved interface, refined skills, and new mechanics (like dragging bodies).

Right now it appears the game is only slated for PC, but that may very well change in the future.  Invisible, Inc. will be available for $15.99 (20% off normal price) on August 19th.

Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding
Jarret Redding

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