The Escapists

Perfectly Execute a Prison Escape in The Escapists

The prison escape game market is very under-represented, but Team17 and Mouldy Toof Studios are looking to change that with The Escapists.  In The Escapists you’ll find yourself trying to break out of a place that is built specifically to keep you in by finding and/or stealing supplies, crafting weapons and tools, and ultimately planning and perfectly executing a prison break.  The game has a lot to do with time management since you’re in a prison and your time is no longer your own. You’ll need to exercise to build strength and read to get smarter, working around a tight prison schedule while also setting up for your escape, trying not to draw attention from the guards.

You’ll also find yourself needing to do favors for other prisoners to get cash that can help you obtain supplies.  In the press release favors was in quotes, so I’m pretty curious as to what kind of “favors” we’ll be doing.  I’ve watched OZ, and I’m not sure if I’m ready to do those kind of favors…

The Escapists will be available today on Steam Early-Access for $9.99 if time management or prison breaks are you thing.


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