Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Tracklist [By Act/Scene]

Hotline Miami 2's tracklist organized by Act/Scene and links where you can purchase them.

If you’ve played Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, then you already know it probably has one of the best soundtracks this year. The tracklist is comprised of 49 tracks from various artists, and if you want you can snag it on Steam right now. But what if you only wanted a few of your favorite tracks? Don’t worry, we got you. Below is a list of tracks in order of act and scene. We’ll try to provide links to the tracks and places you can LEGALLY purchase them.

Midnight Animal

Prey Growl – Detection — Bandcamp

Act One: Exposition

1st Scene: Down Under
Jasper Byrne – Voyager — Bandcamp

2nd Scene: Homicide
Perturbator – Technoir — Bandcamp

3nd Scene: Hard News
Magna – Divide — Soundcloud

4th Scene: Final Cut
Jasper Byrne – Decade Dance — Bandcamp

Act Two: Rising

5th Scene: First Trial
Vestron Vulture – New Wave Hookers — Bandcamp

6th Scene: Moving Up
Magic Sword – In the Face of Evil — Bandcamp

7th Scene: No Mercy
Scattle – Remorse — Bandcamp

8th Scene: Execution
Perturbator – Sexualizer — Bandcamp

Act Three: Climax

9th Scene: Ambush
M|O|O|N – Delay — Bandcamp

10th Scene: Into The Pit
Life Companions – We’re Sorry

11th Scene: Dead Ahead
Scattle – Bloodline — Bandcamp

12th Scene: Death Wish
Carpenter Brut – Roller Mobster — Bandcamp

Act Four: Falling

13th Scene: Subway
IAmTheKidYouKnowWhatIMean – Run — Bandcamp

14th Scene: Stronghold
Benny Smiles – Hotline Miami Theme — Bandcamp

15th Scene: Withdrawal
M|O|O|N – Quixotic — Bandcamp

16th Scene: Casualties
Magic Sword – The Way Home — Bandcamp

Act Five: Intermission

17th Scene: First Blood
Dubmood – Richard — Soundcloud

18th Scene: Demolition
Mega Drive – NARC — Bandcamp

19th Scene: House Call
Cinimod – The Rumble

20th Scene: Release
Carpenter Brut – Le Perv — Bandcamp

Act Six: Catastrophe

21st Scene: Seizure
El Tigr3 – She Swallowed Burning Coals — Soundcloud

22nd Scene: Blood Money
Mega Drive – Acid Spit — Bandcamp

23rd Scene: Caught
Mega Drive – Slum Lord — Bandcamp

24th Scene: Take Over
Perturbator – Future Club


Light Club – Fahkeet — Bandcamp


Bar Song
Light Club – Blizzard — Bandcamp

Cut Scene Song
Light Club – She Meditates — Bandcamp

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