Hotline Miami 2

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number Tracklist [By Act/Scene]

If you’ve played Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, then you already know it probably has one of the best soundtracks this year.¬† The tracklist is comprised of 49 tracks from various artists, and if you want you can snag it on Steam right now. But what if you only wanted a few of your favorite tracks? Don’t worry, we got you. Below is a list of tracks in order of act and scene. We’ll try to provide links to the tracks and places you can LEGALLY purchase them.

Midnight Animal

Prey Growl – Detection — Bandcamp

Act One: Exposition

1st Scene: Down Under
Jasper Byrne – Voyager — Bandcamp

2nd Scene: Homicide
Perturbator – Technoir — Bandcamp

3nd Scene: Hard News
Magna – Divide — Soundcloud

4th Scene: Final Cut
Jasper Byrne – Decade Dance — Bandcamp

Act Two: Rising

5th Scene: First Trial
Vestron Vulture – New Wave Hookers — Bandcamp

6th Scene: Moving Up
Magic Sword – In the Face of Evil — Bandcamp

7th Scene: No Mercy
Scattle – Remorse — Bandcamp

8th Scene: Execution
Perturbator – Sexualizer — Bandcamp

Act Three: Climax

9th Scene: Ambush
M|O|O|N – Delay — Bandcamp

10th Scene: Into The Pit
Life Companions – We’re Sorry

11th Scene: Dead Ahead
Scattle – Bloodline — Bandcamp

12th Scene: Death Wish
Carpenter Brut – Roller Mobster — Bandcamp

Act Four: Falling

13th Scene: Subway
IAmTheKidYouKnowWhatIMean – Run — Bandcamp

14th Scene: Stronghold
Benny Smiles – Hotline Miami Theme — Bandcamp

15th Scene: Withdrawal
M|O|O|N – Quixotic — Bandcamp

16th Scene: Casualties
Magic Sword – The Way Home — Bandcamp

Act Five: Intermission

17th Scene: First Blood
Dubmood – Richard — Soundcloud

18th Scene: Demolition
Mega Drive – NARC — Bandcamp

19th Scene: House Call
Cinimod – The Rumble

20th Scene: Release
Carpenter Brut – Le Perv — Bandcamp

Act Six: Catastrophe

21st Scene: Seizure
El Tigr3 – She Swallowed Burning Coals — Soundcloud

22nd Scene: Blood Money
Mega Drive – Acid Spit — Bandcamp

23rd Scene: Caught
Mega Drive – Slum Lord — Bandcamp

24th Scene: Take Over
Perturbator – Future Club


Light Club – Fahkeet — Bandcamp


Bar Song
Light Club – Blizzard — Bandcamp

Cut Scene Song
Light Club – She Meditates — Bandcamp


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