Creative Director Dennis Detwiller Talks Influence and Goals of Necropolis

If you take the visuals of the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and the difficulty of the Demon/Dark Souls series, you’ll then get Necropolis. Dennis Detwiller, Creative Director at Harebrained Schemes, was kind enough to take our questions about their upcoming game. The games clean and animated look mask the difficulty of the rogue-like elements at its core. Rogue-like elements is an understatement as Necropolis is comprised of procedural levels, unknown potions, random loot drops, and monsters.

PAX Prime 2015 being the second time Necropolis was shown off, the build they brought to this event was an improvement over the last. Being fans of Dark Souls (though the series is somewhat constrained to the audience it already garners), Dennis and his team were looking to bring a version with the same feeling to a broader audience. Find out in this interview if Andres hates himself enough to play Necropolis from Harebrained Schemes.


Video gaming runs in his blood. Andres' earliest memories have games involved in it, whether it be the now-endangered arcades or home consoles. Video games are nothing more than elaborate puzzles to be solved which drives him to beat as many as he can. He truly enjoys the culture of video gaming and doesn't discriminate any genres to play. Except sports games, they suck.