The Mashcast Returns!

The Mashcast is back!

Two years ago we published the final episode of the Mashcast, but we are happy to announce that on January 22nd the Mashcast will return with new episodes! The Mashcast was Mash Those Buttons original flagship podcast, running from 2011 – 2016 with 193 episodes. The show was run by Jaa (Watchpoint Radio) and Nick (WoW! Talk! & The Tauren & The Goblin), but also featured Mash Those Buttons veterans like Mikey Kenney (Watchpoint Radio) and Joel Couture (Indie Games Magazine, Gamasutra, Siliconera, and a whole bunch of other gaming publications GOOD JOB JOEL!). The Mashcast was a general gaming podcast, talking about news, the latest games, and what was happening in various gaming communities. It was our only show for a while, but as the network grew and focus began to shift to those shows, we decided it was best to bring the Mashcast to an end.

So why are we bringing it back now? For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may remember that I was going to start a solo podcast to talk about gaming things I had on my mind: Church of Jaa. On the second episode I had Nick on to discuss a topic, and after that, for every topic I had lined up I couldn’t shake the feeling that it would just be a better episode if Nick was on. So after talking with Nick, we decided it was time to bring the show back. Additionally, we will be bringing on a new third host, Christina Zammarrelli. She is new to podcasting, but definitely not new to gaming. Her in-depth knowledge of games and the games industry will be a great boon to the show.

The new Mashcast will be a bit different than before. Previously we covered various news topics every week. The new show will primarily focus on single topics each episode. Those topics can come from news events, community events, trends we see, etc.

The feed for the new Mashcast will be available on or around January 8th. The old Mashcast feed will be relabeled as “Mashcast: LEGACY” and will remain available for the next year. We hope everyone decides to come check out the new show, and hope you enjoy it.


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