The Mash Those Buttons Show! Coming March 23rd

A new flagship show from Mash Those Buttons

We are happy to announce that on March 23rd we will be launching our newest show: The Mash Those Buttons Show! Not only will this be our newest show, but we are aiming for this to be our flagship show, which we haven’t had in quite a while. Our original flagship was The Mashcast which ended in 2015, and then we attempted to revive The Mashcast in 2017, but the time just wasn’t right. However, this show will not just be another attempt at reviving The Mashcast.

This show will be different than any other show we have produced to date. Instead of having a few static hosts talk your ear off for an hour or so, the show will be a mix of pre-recorded segments and timely discussion. Some segments will be reoccurring like our monthly game previews, early access reports, and deep dive game postmortems, while other will deal with current events or games that have been released. The Mash Those Buttons Show will truly be a network wide effort, as we will pull in different host from our collection of shows to give their thoughts and opinions on what’s happening in games. We will also invite special guests to give their thoughts and interview.

We’re very excited to launch this show, and we hope you will enjoy it. Patreon supporters will also receive additional bonuses from The Mash Those Buttons Show. The Early Access tier and above will receive segments early, and Bronze Members will receive bonus and behind-the-scenes content. Content is already rolling out, so please check Patreon if you already a supporter.

Expect some additional announcements soon, as we will be trying to get the feed enabled early so you can subscribe and be ready for episode #1 when it drops.


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