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Join our show hosts and community members in our discord server where we discuss and play the games we love, as well as host community events. If there is a specific community you would like to join, choose from the options below.

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Community Discords

Apex Legends

Join the Dropping Spicy community on their server for discussion about Apex Legends, LFG, community events, and game nights.

Fighting Games

Join the hosts of Double Tap and other members of the FGC to discuss fighting games and the current state of the community.

WoW Classic

Join the Warcraft Reloaded community on their server for discussion about World of Warcraft Classic.

WoW! Talk!

The WoW! Talk! community lives on the OOCS discord. Join them to talk about the show, Warcraft of Warcraft, raid, and other activities.

Highlighted Communities

Final Fantasy XIV

Join the hosts of Wondrous Tails to discuss the show and Final Fantasy XIV.

Horizon Series

Join the hosts of Lightkeeper Protocol to discuss the story and gameplay of Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West.

Mass Effect

Join the hosts of Squad Goals to discuss the Mass Effect series, community content, and theories.

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Fighting Games