Keiji Inafune to Kickstart Mighty No. 9

Joel Couture
MASH Veteran
September 3rd, 2013

Kieji Inafune, famous for being the character designer for Yo! Noid and his work on some¬†Mega-something games no one has ever heard of, has turned to Kickstarter for his new project:¬†Mighty No. 9. Saying elements of it might look kinda familiar is putting it lightly, but this is the man who made Mega Man what he was back when the games used to be good (although come out at all may be more appropriate). Seeing many of his designs has the kid in me freaking out, but I did just come off of playing Ducktales Remastered, so I’m a little cautious. Optimistic, but cautious.

If you’re feeling the same way and want to slide Inafune some cash, swing on over to his Kickstarter page (although it’s already fully funded. It took less than 24 hours). Some folks from Capcom will probably be looking over it along with you, gnashing their teeth the entire time.



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