PAX East 2014 Three Day Passes Sold Out

Cathy Rouleau
MASH Veteran
October 24th, 2013

At noon yesterday tickets for PAX East 2014 went on sale, and in 45 minutes, three day passes where sold out.  If you were planning on getting three, one day passes, sadly you’re out of luck there too.  Single day Saturday passes were all sold out by 4pm (EST).  At the moment single days for Friday and Sunday are still available for $40 for each day.

The ticket sales have a note informing people they are only permitted to purchase five tickets per person per day. And if it is determined you are using multiple names and addressees to purchase more than the allowed amount all orders will be cancelled.  If you are truly dead set on going for all three days you can go to e-bay where people are selling three day passes for any where from $250-$1000!

PAX East is supposed to be all about the fans of games, however, with people purchasing tickets with the intent of only selling them at an extreme mark up, it makes it hard for those fans to get in.  I understand that due to the close to 80,000  people that attend PAX it makes it hard to create a system to insure fans aren’t being taken advantage of, but it looks like something needs to change.




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