Planetary Annihilation Available for Early Access… For $90.

Jarret Redding
Executive Director / Podcast Host
June 18th, 2013

Planetary Annihilation, a game in development by Uber Entertainment (Monday Night Combat), is available now available on Steam Early Access for $90.  That’s not a mistake; the early access price is $90.  I had to investigate further just to make sure the price wasn’t an accident.  According to a post by an [Uber] GARAT on Steam Community, the price was set over a year ago by the Kickstarter campaign too get the game off the ground.  Comments suggest that $90 was the same price that Kickstarters had to pay to get into the Alpha, which is why it’s set to $90 right now.

It was my understanding that the goal of Steam Early Access was supposed to be a program that helped developers pull in more revenue by giving players early access to a game that’s in development.  Setting the price so high not only will dissuade gamers from buying into early access for the game, but will definitely leave a bad taste in the mouth of some; as the price may come off greedy considering that the Kickstarter campaign yielded $2.8 million for Uber.  [Uber] GARAT goes on to say that between June – August the early access price will be $90, with the price going down to $60 in September.

Essentially Uber is asking gamers to pay $90 get early access to an incomplete game that will be priced lower in a few months, and possibly, priced even lower upon release.  I’m curious to see how this turns out, because Uber is basically treating early access like it’s Kickstarter round 2.  Knowing my PC brethren, I don’t think this approach is going to go so well.  Most don’t like the idea of paying such a high price for the privilege of testing a game.

Planetary Annihilation


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