PS4 Users Can Access Digital Games From Any PS4

Jarret Redding
Executive Director / Podcast Host
July 12th, 2013

Sony has announced that PS4 users will be able to access games purchased digitally on any PS4.  The difference between this and the current system on the PS3 is that as of now there is a limit on how many devices you can use to sign-in to your PSN account.  That’s great and all, and the XBox 360 and XBox One will possess this feature as well.  The advantage comes in the PS4’s “download as you play” feature.  On current gen consoles and the XBox One, games will need to be fully downloaded before you can start playing.  With the PS4, gamers will be able to download the minimum data needed and start playing while the rest of the game downloads — making playing digital games over your friends house a bit more feasible.


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