Show the Old West Some Love by Voting for Boot Hill Heroes on Greenlight

Joel Couture
MASH Veteran
January 13th, 2014

My time with Boot Hill Heroes back at PAX East blew me away. I was just hoping for a solid Old West RPG, but I also got an intricate combat system that had four player drop in/out co-op. There just aren’t that many reasons for all of my RPG-loving friends to play something together, so this game is a must buy for me. Having Jake Kaufman working on the soundtrack sweetens that deal as well.

Now its devs are trying to get it on Greenlight so more people can know about it. I think it’s going to be incredible once it’s finally out, so why not show it some love with a vote? I mean, look at that cat wearing the cowboy hat in the corner. That’s worth a vote on its own.


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