Strategize With Zombies in Three Dead Zed

Joel Couture
MASH Veteran
January 24th, 2014

While childhood me had a lot of trouble with it, The Lost Vikings has a special place in my heart. Using multiple characters with specific abilities to solve puzzles always brings me back to that game, so when I got to goof off with Gentleman Squid Studios’ Three Dead Zed, some good memories came rolling back. The game uses three separate zombies with specific abilities to get through various platforming and puzzle sequences, all while letting you bite faces and chew on delicious brains. It’s really the complete package here, guys.

If you find yourself rolling your eyes at the idea of another zombie game, remember that this studio made Rise of the Ravager, a game I liked quite a bit. They do tons of work to make their games fantastic, and it’s well worth looking into this project and tossing it a Greenlight vote if you’re interested. Unless you hate fun, I guess. You don’t hate fun, do you?


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