World of Warcraft Announces 10th Anniversary Gifts

World of Warcraft is about to celebrate a decade of destroying digital dragons, and today Blizzard announced some of the festivities and gifts players can look forward to as part of the anniversary.  The legendary Tarren Mill-Southshore PVP from years past will be resurrected in the form of a special battleground, where Alliance and Horde will slug it out in a massive 100 v 100 Team Deathmatch.  Also, Molten Core will be return to status as a 40-player max-level raid, courtesy the raidfinder, so players who missed out on fighting Raganaros and his minions the first time (not counting Firelands) can do so again.

Successfully doing so will yield the Corehound mount that was previously datamined.  And finally, if replaying nostalgia is not your cup of tea, everyone that logs in during the anniversary gets a free Molten Corgi (Core-gi, get it?) pet.  It is oh so cute and oh so full of burning.  WoW’s birthday is 11/23, but the party usually starts a few days before, so keep an eye out for when all these items and events go live.




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