Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Let’s Get Critical: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst

In this episode of Let’s Get Critical we dive deep into the world of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Catalyst isn’t a sequel to the original Mirror’s Edge – a game which didn’t sell that well, but received critical praise and eventually became a cult classic. We dig into the story and discuss whether or not the series actually needed to be rebooted, or would it have been better off continuing where we left off back in 2008. This reboot doesn’t just look to recapture what people loved about the original, but expand on it. Instead of being locked in to linear game play, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst allows you to explore the city of Glass in an open world. Players have much to do around the city to keep busy, but not everyone was thrilled with the open world. Was the old way better? We discuss the positives and negatives.

In addition to bringing an open world, Catalyst also brings XP, a progression system, and a skill tree. User generated content such as user made Dashes attempts to address the games lack of multiplayer. Does it succeed? Did the game need multiplayer anyway? Reception of Catalyst seems mixed. Some players love it, others are disappointed, but at least EA and DICE appear to be happy with its performance. Is it enough to keep EA interested in the franchise, however? We discuss all this and more in this episode.


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