Geo and Exomatt tackle the most recent Dropping Spicy poll, The Split! We do a community spotlight to highlight the “try-tier” play coming from the casual, Exomatt. We then go on to discuss the current ranked system, such as the split, map choice, and points system. Then, we cover the recon characters along with whether or not the community thinks they need to be nerfed or buffed. Lastly, we close out with the simple fact that DIE HARD is A CHRISTMAS MOVIE!


Garret Seay

Hello, Garrett here, but the video gaming community knows me by Geo. My PC story started out with Overwatch and now it’s begun to expand to games like Apex Legends. Join me as we rock the video gaming world! Origins gamertag: BeardedPoggers

Executive Producer
Jarret Redding
Garrett Seay
Associate Producer
Karl Launchbaugh
Cory Treadway
Apex Legends Drop Theme (Hip Hop /Trap REMIX)

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