Welcome to this weeks episode of SITREP Marvel Talk! On this week’s episode, Mike Rob and Brad sit down to discuss the, shociking events that happened in episode four Falcon & and the Winter Soldier in full spoilers. This week we see the reaction of Zemo on the loose from the Wakandans. What sort of person should become a super soldier and what that means for Sam and Bucky. Also John Walker slowly descends into chaotic madness and takes a turn for the worse as they get close Karli and the rest of the Flag Smashers. Let us know your thoughts on the fourth episode of the season and where you think it will go next.


Mike Parry

Mike is a huge lover of all things media based. From games to movies, comics and music. Preferably the alternative genre.

Luke Mallatratt

I've been a gamer ever since I can remember. I started with a Commodore64, then Amiga1200, and various PCs. Consoles I've owned include SNES, Wii, GameCube, Xbox 360 and every version of PlayStation to date. My most played games are Team Fortress Classic, Championship Manager, early COD titles (don't mention Black Ops or MW3!) as well as almost all of the Gran Turismo and GTA series'.

Brad Williams

Lover of gaming, music, TV and films (even though I\'m always behind). Can usually be found sucking at fps games or being unsociable and playing single player games.

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