Detectives, Dames, and Justice: Blues and Bullets [Review]

Noir is a style that has been incorporated into video games because of the storytelling potential of “A city with no hope”. “Detectives”, “Dames”, and “Justice” makes for a great story, and with the right mechanics it can create a memorable game. Previous games such as Bioshock: Burial at Sea, The Wolf among Us, Hotel Dusk, Snatcher, Indigo Prophecy, Grimm Fandango (this is going further than I care to admit) have received great praise or became cult classics. Developed by A Crowd of Monsters, Blue and Bullets is a rather ambitious title in which you play Elliot Ness, the main protagonist and sole reason for Al Capone’s incarceration. Al Capone is back, not as an enemy, but as someone looking for help as he employs Ness to find his daughter and (in true noir style) uncover a conspiracy that’ll blow his world wide open.

Blues and Bullets
A Crowd of Monsters
    Visual presentation is unique and clean.
    Great soundtrack.
    Investigation mechanics of crime scenes were well done and engaging.
    Suffers from Episode 1 syndrome, extremely slow paced progression.
    Voice overs seem reminiscent of Dick Tracy villains at times due to how exaggerated they sound.
    On rail cover based shooting should have been regular cover based shooting.

Let’s put L.A. Noire and Sin City in a blender, and the smoothie you get is Blues and Bullets. Set in an alternate universe in the 1950s where the Hindenburg disaster never happened and Al Capone didn’t die in the late 40s. As a matter of fact you play as Elliot Ness, the ex-detective who’s the prime reason why Al Capone was incarcerated. Now running a dinner, a proposition from the newly released Al Capone extends his hand for help to the man who put him behind bars. We follow Ness in this Noir-style adventure game to uncover the beginnings of an epic story in the first of five episodic release.

This game was reviewed on PC.
A review copy was provided for this review.


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