The Blocks Cometh [Review]

Jessica Weimar
February 22nd, 2011

Many great games start out as flash games and make their way onto mobile devices.  The Blocks Cometh was one of those free flash games (and still is) that was made into an iPhone/iTouch game.  Despite Halfbot’s rocky start to this game involving someone stealing the game concept, they have triumphed with it and brought it over to a successful device.

The simplicity of the game is its greatest feature, as a lot of easy going fun is available without a lot of complicated game play.  This is a game I would refer to as a great pick up and play title, and is great for when you are bored at work or waiting for something.  Your character is a little guy with a gun, and he has to make it to the top of the level.  Unfortunately for you, your only way to get to the top of the level is by climbing blocks.  Add another twist, these blocks are constantly falling at you.  Basically, imagine if instead of being the blocks in a game of Tetris, you are a little guy stuck at the bottom trying not to get killed by Tetris.

That is the world of The Blocks Cometh, and cometh they do.   Although the blocks stack neatly, they fall in a hap-hazardous pattern that will have you dodging them constantly.  It would be one thing if you had a damage bar, but you do not, and if one block lands on you it is game over.  When the game ends you have to start all over at the bottom.  Luckily, you have a gun which destroys the blocks, and you will use it quite often.

While the flash version of the game controls very easily, the iPhone version falls short on this; that is the biggest problem with the game.  The controls for player movement simply do not work sometimes, and often the double-jump feature has your character failing to make it.  This distracting flaw keeps The Blocks Cometh from being a definite must have in your iPhone game collection.

Visually, the game excels with a simple scheme that does not distract the player from concentrating on the blocks.  This scheme works with a simple game like this and you will never get tired of it.  The game’s sound is not the greatest we’ve heard from Hyperduck Soundworks, but it does work well with the simple nature of the game and is catchy.

The Blocks Cometh is a great game, but has a lot of issues with controls.  It definitely has a good amount of challenge which is great for those looking for a fun iPhone game.  For the 99 cents it is priced at currently, I think it is worth it to give it a try.  If the controls get fixed (they are working on an update for them) it could be worth more than its price.

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The Blocks Cometh
The simple nature of the visuals works great in this world. The slightly silhouetted city-scape does not distract from the falling blocks which are slightly more bold.
The sounds is not the most amazing sounds in a game you have ever heard but overall work well with the game.
Although the game sometimes controls okay, there are times when the controls just plain do not work. There is a planned update that will fix this soon.
Game Play
The game play is engaging and challenging. You will definitely be slow to get bored of climbing the blocks.
The game itself is fun, but the controls make it not fun. When they are fixed, this game is a must have.


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