Turn Based Awesomeness: RONIN [Review]

2D stealth game? Yes, please! RONIN from Tomasz Waclawek Games looks to fill that 2D stealth void in your life mixed with turn-based strategy. Andres Mirandes dove into RONIN and we talk about what he found in this episode of Let’s Get Critical.


One Hitter-Quitter

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...there are bullets you have to dodge. You have to be very strategic about where you're placing your character because in this game it's one hitter quitter. You get touched once, that's it; you have to restart from your last checkpoint.

In The End It's a Strategy Game

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I don't want to say there's puzzle solving per se, but, all the combat that you do is designed with purpose. You don't have to take the frontal approach and start cutting people up. There's stealth in the game. There are certain way's to alarm certain enemies, or manipulate them to be in certain positions. In the end, it's a strategy game...

Get to the Meat of the Game Fast

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[The intro level does a good job] introducing [the game's] mechanics. Then it just throws you in after that first level... This is your now show; take hold of the wheel and figure out how you're going to accomplish your mission.

Learning through Level Design

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Every boss in a video game should be a test of what you've learned, how you can apply it, and if you've been paying attention. They [teach the player] very well here in the level design.

Objectives and Skill Points

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There are a set of objectives that let you continue to the next level, but then there is a bonus set of objectives that are in every level that, if you achieve these objectives, you get a skill point.

It's good that they included the skill point, but unfortunately, the way they implemented the objectives to get said skill point... This is where they fumbled, in my opinion, kind of hard because you're never going to get the objectives on the first play through.

Good Enemy Variation

00:14:06 - 00:14:16

They did a really good job having different enemies that make you think different about how you approach them.

Clean Vector Graphics

00:20:54 - 00:21:06

This game was done completely in vector, which is almost like a flash game. It's very clean and animiations were very well done in a game.

The Music Can Get Annoying

00:21:30 - 00:21:45

The music was great in the first level; it's cool when you get alerted. By the third level you hate it.

I didn't hear more than two or three tracks through the 15 levels.

Controls Work Well For the Type of Game

00:27:04 - 00:27:14

The controls are very good for what the concept of the game is. I love the jumping, I love the movement, but the hanging during battle could have been done better.


00:28:20 - 00:28:50

New Game Plus is a harder version of the game, but you have all of your abilities at the start.

The properties for the enemies change. Some of [the enemies] can move between turns, the chainsaw guys line changes over time into a 90 angle so you have to plan your turns farther in advance.

Worth It

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It was worth it. It was a good experience at the end of it all, but if you're going to play it 100%, that's a whole other monster.

Tomasz Waclawek
    Good level design to teach the basic mechanics of the game in a progressive way
    Story was present, but wasn't overly complicated or shoe-horned in
    Animation and Art are well done and smooth
    Replayability only through 100% completion
    Music becomes repetitive after a few level
    Unexpectedly short in duration

Ronin brings a unique flow on action mechanics with a fresh vectored style and fluid animation. Sword in hand, Ronin brings a great vengeance filled experience to the player.

This game was reviewed on Windows.
A review copy was provided for this review.


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