Plain Sight

I personally think it’s a great game, the premise is simple enough. You’re a suicidal robot ninja who’s trying to build up power to take down your fellow competitors in an arena like setting. You kill your opponents to get energy for your robot which you then use to build up your detonation power. On building a decent reserve, you detonate and attempt to kill your opponents in the blast. That will end your killing spree and you end up being taken to a load out screen to expend your experience points into perks (a la Call of Duty style). Which after leveling up your perks, you jump back into the fray and resume the killing. The perks range from speed, defense, and power… Which these reset with a new match. There are plenty of dedicated servers and games ranging from 6 to 20 players. The backgrounds are colorful and trippy for sure. The pace is frantic however… with a 3D range of motion, it can make a person either have a headache or motion sick.

One of the small things that irk me is the fact that the game requires compulsory registration and a serial key… The game being on Steam and using Steamworks shouldn’t need you to have to register for a service and do a copy/paste of your serial key. I would have figured with Steam it’d be a launch game and join server affair much like Team Fortress 2, but the logging-in is a slightly irksome thing. I guess you could say I wish it were more streamlined. It ruins the whole ideal of a game being just simple to get running.

The game is quite fun and the design is definitely unique with a tinge of goofy to it. The trails from your ninja avatar zooming around do give the game a Tron light-cycle feel. I will say that if you’re looking for a competitive arena like game… Plain Sight may be up your alley. The entry price of $9.99 or you can get the 4-pack for $29.99 (basically buy 3 copies, get 1 free) to give to 3 friends and yourself.

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