The three amigos join back up with a grand set fighters corner information. Mezza drops a information load on Blazblue Cross Tag battle 2.0 coming to East Coast Throwdown and some thoughts on what his interactions will be with the game. CrashTag and Static G strike some nostalgia as they talk about NetherRealms newest addition Terminator. CrashTag goes indepth about the interesting concept and nuiances of Terminators play and static g’s reactions are priceless. Arc system gives us a new updae on gameplay for May followed with a very distasteful appearance of a new character that no one is really to excited about. Gabe and Mezza break down DragonBall Fighter Z new addition Gogeta and this character is shocking not only the DoubleTap team but the community. Randoms of the FGC brings us Uniclr pre order, a video on donte astro’s master ranked champion player. Mezza goes in on My Hero One’s Justice 2 and talk sony folding into the cross play era. A community regular joins in on the Focus Attack as he asks a pretty serious question that leads the DoubleTap team to respond in a very straight forward but rather enlightning way. Of course the guys finish it off with a really awesome Gogeta mod for PC.


Andres Mirandes

Video gaming runs in his blood and competition plagues his mind. From the earliest days in the now extinct arcades, to the eSports competitive scene, he looks forward to the next game to test his skills. No stranger to rising salt levels.

Jeremiah Ward

Got his start gaming with his two cousins and brother at his aunts house. They had to always play in secret, but he fell in love with fighting games when he got his first taste of an arcade in Maryland. Now looks to grow the community.

Gabriel Medina

I've been playing video games for a while now. I enjoy racing games, RPGs, but spend most of my time with fighting games. My first goal was to get better than my brothers, but now I strive to be better than most while also teaching others.

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