The main item in this week’s TWAB is listing the way to install the Destiny 2 Beta on your console and how complicated it is.

In addition to the installation, the known bugs and issues are listed which are typical of any beta given that the version we will be playing on Beta is already several versions behind of what Bungie is currently working on.

IGN’s Stories Continued

Endless Vale revealed along with Voidwalker (with blink!) and Sentinel gameplay.

Bungie is comparing the story of Destiny 1 to being one of a steady heartbeat and the story of Destiny 2 to being like a class of OrangeTheory Fitness. “I hope people complain about the amount of story we have in the game… TOO MUCH DAMN STORY!!”

Felwinter Peak returns in Destiny 2 for the Crucible map, Vostok. The area before the gate that leads to the bridge to the main Iron Temple area is your new crucible stomping grounds designed specifically for Control.

Messages From The Reef

Destiny 2: In PVP, should there be a hardcore mode?

What is going to be the subclass you start with now that you’ve seen all three in action?

Kevin DeLancer: Why are we not going to be able to do anything on any patrol in the beta?


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