On today’s show, Bungie streams the raid and we discuss the presentation. Are Bungie’s ride alongs where we would like them to be? We also go over the matchmaking and how it has affected our perception of the game. Each of us have a variety of opinions about how they are addressing the items and how it will be addressed in the future. Is this a function that will be substantially addressed in Destiny 1 (Vanilla to Rise Of Iron), or is this a complete wait for Destiny 2 moment? Also streamers and content creators have clearly moved on from Destiny. We discuss the feeling from that section of the community that has seemingly permeated to a large portion of the Destiny community. We also discuss the phenomenon with regards to how it impacts more casual players trying to go into raids and more. Last but not least, Trials of Osiris is on Rusted Lands.


Jorge Veguilla

Born in the 80's, given a NES and Gameboy at a young age, Jorge grew up in gaming and experienced gaming in many cultures due to moving around the world. Now in New Jersey, an older Jorge continues his journey in gaming. Adobo included.

David Schnoes

Been gaming since birth and he\'s not gonna stop now. Call of Duty was the first shooter that pulled him in and his love for shooters has developed into a love of Destiny. He\'s now a Guardian, proud to protect the traveler and slay my foes in Crucible.

Jordan Kahlenberg

A former professional cyclist, gaming has always been Jordan\\\'s preferred method of stress-relief. Traditionally an action RPG\\\'er, he has recently been ensnared in the modern MMO/RPG/FPS genre, and talks about it as a host of In Orbit.

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