With Oryx and the horde of Hive neutralized, the Vex paused, and the various Fallen houses quelled, we await word from Bungie on our next adventure taking place in Destiny 2. This coming Thursday, May 18th, we will be hearing from Bungie and Activision about Destiny 2 and how the gameplay will be like leading to theories on items such as what this means for the story. But before that, on May 17th, a giant Destiny server maintenance will take place for four hours.

In reading the TWAB, we pick apart a quote from DeeJ indicating that we will be involved in the reveal. Normally, we would just take this as a passing quote, but is this a hint at something more?

GameStop also “accidentally” reveals character sigils by what appears to be an early reveal of some Destiny 2 merchandise like wallets, shirts, and hats. The hats in particular show a lion with the Titan sigil, a snake with the Hunter sigil, and a raven/stormbird with the Warlock symbols. We debate what this means for subclasses (if it means anything) or what this could possibly mean for the classes as a whole.

We end today’s show with Messages From The Reef, our segment where our listening community participates in the show.

Carmine Mele from Cartridge Blast Gamers – What do you believe will happen with abilities and subclasses in the future with the light gone? How do you believe we will reacquire the light (aka our abilities and powers)?

Marc Boggio – Do you believe Destiny 2 will feature any dramatically new gameplay systems like space combat?

Chris Parker – With Luke Smith as the rumored director, how far into the MMO direction will we be going? Do you believe the animal “sigils” from the hats indicate a “pet” system like what was rumored from Destiny 1’s development art or is this more of a coat of arms like from Game of Thrones or the Houses from Harry Potter? With no tower, do you believe there will be towns or cities like in Horizon Zero Dawn or Zelda per planet or a central hub? What type of expanded role can we expect from NPCs with regards to story, non-story, etc? How will Activision’s role change now that this is no longer a new franchise launch, but a successful franchise continuation?

James Metzger – How do you think spec building will play in Destiny 2? The classes have little to no excitement or incentive to use certain abilities.

Justin Kincaid – A lot of people have been calling for transmog in the game. Do you believe this will be a feature?

Chris Nixon – What do you believe the weekly reset will be like?

Zack Sylsbury – Do you believe this game will have more enemy variety than Destiny 1?

Jacob McAdie Van Meurs – Are we going to get more class and faction specific gear/weapons? How will factions work (new factions, joining an enemy faction, faction affecting story)? Will there be grimoire viewer in game?

Contrabang – How tall do you think Gary will be?

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Jorge Veguilla

Born in the 80's, given a NES and Gameboy at a young age, Jorge grew up in gaming and experienced gaming in many cultures due to moving around the world. Now in New Jersey, an older Jorge continues his journey in gaming. Adobo included.

David Schnoes

Been gaming since birth and he\'s not gonna stop now. Call of Duty was the first shooter that pulled him in and his love for shooters has developed into a love of Destiny. He\'s now a Guardian, proud to protect the traveler and slay my foes in Crucible.

Jordan Kahlenberg

A former professional cyclist, gaming has always been Jordan\\\'s preferred method of stress-relief. Traditionally an action RPG\\\'er, he has recently been ensnared in the modern MMO/RPG/FPS genre, and talks about it as a host of In Orbit.

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