In today’s episode, Jorge, David, and Peche along with guests Alan and Jamie jump into the news recently provided by Bungie with regards to the immediate future and extended future of Destiny, along with the disappointing Crimson Days “event” and how Bungie’s implementation of “fixes” are being received by the community.


Jorge Veguilla

Born in the 80's, given a NES and Gameboy at a young age, Jorge grew up in gaming and experienced gaming in many cultures due to moving around the world. Now in New Jersey, an older Jorge continues his journey in gaming. Adobo included.

David Schnoes

Been gaming since birth and he\'s not gonna stop now. Call of Duty was the first shooter that pulled him in and his love for shooters has developed into a love of Destiny. He\'s now a Guardian, proud to protect the traveler and slay my foes in Crucible.

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