This podcast takes a look at notable game news and events from February 2011. Topics include Marvel vs Capcom 3, Hardcorps, Killzone 3, Cities in Motion, Bionic Commando Rearmed 2, Bulletstorm, The Blocks Cometh, Stacking, The Gunstringer, Medal of Honor 2, Xperia Play, Domain registrations pointing to GTA 5, Activision kills Guitar Hero, Max Payne 3 no where to be found, Bizarre Creations closing its doors, Lucid is formed from old Bizarre Team, Activision possibly forcing Bungie to lay off contractors, Uncharted movie director making a Uncharted game with a story that is not from Uncharted, and a doctor that links video game violence to rape. Yeah… it was a busy month. Podcasters: Jarret Redding, Rob Hill-Williams, and Long Diep.

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