This week we finally finish up Act 1 as we make our way through its final mission: The Heist. V and Jackie finally hit the big time as they enter Afterlife for the first time. We meet Claire the bartender, and get our first look at Rogue. We also finally me T-Bug for the first time in the real as we meet with Dexter Deshawn one final time before the big job to get all the details. Well, not all the details. Stuff like, how much we are going to make is still kind of up in the air. Small stuff…

We are introduced to Delamain for the first time as we head to Konpeki Plaza. Things seem to be going well until an unexpected visitor comes to visit Yorinobu, and that is when the plan goes to hell. We discuss our escape, the consequences, and how it all ends.


Jarret Redding

Jarret is Executive Director as well as one of the founding members of Mash Those Buttons. He plays all types of games, but tends to lean more toward FPS, Stealth, and Combat games.

Bob Schissler

IT System Engineer by day, avid gamer by night! Bob has been gaming his entire life and first started standing on a chair playing the arcade version of Super Mario Bros. Now he plays all kinds of games but focuses mainly on Overwatch.

Justin Maxey

Over 30 years of gaming in the book and looking forward to a lot more. Love all genres of games in one way or another, but ARPGs, Story Driven Single Player, and Multiplayer Shooters are my jam.

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